"Jeans new jeans"
Where did TARINA begin?

Is your jeans falling off, too? I mean, they may kneecap jeans, but how about a thigh? Well, maybe not, but what if they made the pieces into the thing?

" Piece of denim Piece of Jeans.

Model-protected Finnish design (EUIPO)

Since 2019, Tampere,


Would you like Donating his jeans? We'll be happy to take your jeans.



Did you know that two large low-cost producing countries, India and China, use water to make new jeans up to 120-trillion litres a year

120 000 000 000 000 litres

How would you feel about wearing ecological, ethical and responsibly manufactured jeans and saving the world's drinking water supply tens of thousands of litres?


You know, worldwide textiles waste is dumped. one truck-load per second.

Did you know that prolonging the use of clothes by only nine months would reduce carbon and water footprints and waste levels up to twenty-30%.

Let's not throw away old broken jeans. Re-use old jeans stunningly spectacularly.


The products are manufactured in Finnish-based and Finnish-controlled sewing in Poland, at the heart of the European textile industry, using responsible and ethical production methods.

With seamstresses, healthy and safe production conditions that the Finnish-isomerised seamstress allows.

Responsibility is about caring for the environment and people's welfare!

Customers from jeans and bags

I received an unimaginable good and knowledgeable customer service in the jewelery selection phase. I appreciate. The price is ok with the high quality and handwheel design from the design of the design - especially when I received a personal service at the same price.

Heidi, Helsinki

My custom order stove came to arrive, and not only fulfilled, so also exceeded expectations - thank you! Suitable for a rock-mental business-like carteroob.

Milka, Kauhajoki

The colors and the drool are amazing and the implementation is incomprehensible. Jeans are getting better and better every day. The hips and thighs feel very comfortable.

Mirka, Tampere.

I just wanted to say that these jeans are...

TOTAL-DEL-LISTS! Thank you also for your good measurement guidance and quick service.

Laura, Vantaa.

I ordered pants, and I love them so much!

Pirjo, Helsinki.

Usually I don't buy jeans online, but these were exceptionally easy to choose the right size. I measured my pelvis and looked at the table size. Jackpot!

Summer, Espoo

Hey, and I love your jeans. I think they made a favorite one time. Thank you again.

Pia, Luvia.

I've never had jeans this good. I'm so excited. Wow, super thanks! I will continue to invest in jeans like this.

Sanna Maria, Turku.

My dress <3 Thank you @pieceofjeans \35;pieceofjeans. A measuring dress is such a wonderful thing for us softly feminine. Ordering was easy at the online store and I received good instructions for taking measurements. It'll do!

Minna, Ical


For more durable dressing. How can we reduce the amount of textile waste? Are patchwork jeans the solution to fashion's environmental problem? Interviewed by Moona Kansanen, founder and CEO of Piece Of Jeans. Kirsi Niinimäki, Professor of Design Studies at Aalto University, answers the question: What is happening to millions of kilos of textile waste?

"Trendy jeans are now being assembled from the pieces"- MeNaiset Who would have thought patchwork jeans could be the next denim fashion? We wrote about it on a blog. The recycling and responsible dressing on the surface have now also arrived in denim fashion. Trendy jeans are now being assembled from pieces. The Patchwork Jeans trend is also dominated by the Piece of Jeans denim brand and innovation of The Finnish Moona Kansanen.

Who are we?

Moona Kansas, Tampere

+358 400 159 594

CEO, Brand Founder, Design Protection Owner, Product Designer, Techn.kand Architect, Business EAT

Piece of Jeans. ® Oy! Y-code: 3134446-3


The products are manufactured in Finnish-owned and financing the sewing in Poland, in the heart of the European textile industry, responsible and ethical production methods. Sewers with healthy and safe production conditions that the Finnish-owned sewing agent allows.

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